App purchases are down!

noahJust wanted to post in regards to a new issue that has become apparent with the app. Google has forced everyone to update how in app purchases are handled in apps, making purchases no longer possible in the current version of the app. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this issue other than getting the new rebuilt app out ASAP. We are going to hit it hard to try and get it done as quickly as possible!


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jacobWithIpadHello wonderful BoM Touch users! We have an important question to ask you.

First, a short preface: We’ve created BoM Touch on the side of regular jobs, attending college, and growing our families. This has made for slower development than we’ve wanted.

We would love to update the app more frequently! We truly believe in it. You love the app, and it has helped you teach your kids the Book of Mormon! It is amazing to hear the stories you’ve shared and makes us want to work even harder.

Currently, we support the app by making money through in app purchases. We had hoped this bit of income would allow us to spend more time on the app. However, this has not been as successful.

Now to the question.

As we rework the app in a major way, we are considering new options for funding the creation of new content. Mainly, our thoughts arrive at the idea of making the app and all content free for everyone to enjoy. This is great because we want everyone to learn the stories of the Book of Mormon! However, it leaves us without income.

People have suggested placing ads in the app, but we feel it would take from the learning environment that we strive for in Book of Mormon Touch. We hate ads.

Our conclusion then would be to run on donations.

Those who would like to support the development of new content could donate on our website. Those who may not have money can support us by sharing the app with their friends. This approach places the development of new content in the hands of the users.

What are your thoughts and opinions about this idea?

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